Russell Q&A: Goals are set very high

(Draftees from the 2007 NFL Draft sat down for a couple minutes and shared their thoughts and feelings about being picked. This entry comes from LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell, selected No. 1 by the Oakland Raiders.)

Q:Are you more relieved or excited at this point?

A: I'm very excited about it. I can't wait to get out there and start going to work with those guys.

Q:With Tarvaris Jackson going high in the draft last year to Minnesota, I guess quarterbacks from Alabama are on the rise.

A: Working my way up from Alabama, to be evaluated as one of the top players in the draft ... it's exciting for me and the rest of those guys -- the black quarterbacks who have been here before me.

Q:Are you going to the Raiders with any expectations?

A: I've set my goals very high. I'm just ready to go out there and compete for the job, and do anything positive, have an impact on the guys that are there. Whatever is necessary, I'm going to do it. See if we can go in there and turn things around. I think I'm part of a process that needs to be happening.

Q:Can I ask a quick question about Fats Domino? How was it housing him after Hurricane Katrina?

A: I haven't got a chance to relate with him since the hurricane, but he's in good shape. Things are going very well for him.

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