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Rudolph's agent weighs in on Myles Garrett's actions

The ramifications of Thursday night's brawl, and Myles Garrett's helmet swing at the head of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph that spoiled the end of the Cleveland Browns' 21-7 win, will reverberate throughout the NFL world for a long time to come.

As we wait for the league office to make its move, another party close to the situation made a statement: Rudolph's agent.

Tim Younger, who represents the second-year quarterback, took to Twitter late Thursday night to make his feelings known.

"There are many risks an NFL QB assumes with every snap taken on the field," Younger wrote. "Being hit on your uncovered head by a helmet being swung by a 275 LB DE is not one of them. Tonight could have had a catastrophic ending. The matter will be reviewed thoroughly."

Within Younger's comment sits the intimation that the lawyer could perhaps consider legal action against Garrett on behalf of his client.

Rudolph, for his part, said, "I'm good to go," when asked after the tilt how he felt after having his own helmet slammed against his skull.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported that the NFL is reviewing the actions of Garrett and others involved for potential suspensions, per sources informed of the situation. Garrett's ban could be lengthy.

The aftermath of the game-staining brawl will not be taken lightly by the league office, that much is certain. Following that response to the helmet-swing, Rudolph's agent could weigh in again.

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