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Rosenhaus terminates contract with Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel's brief clienthood under Drew Rosenhaus' representation umbrella appears to be over.

Speaking on SiriusXM NFL Radio on Wednesday, Rosenhaus said he terminated his contract with the ex-Cleveland Browns quarterback, stating he believes Manziel must turn around his life by seeking help.

"I don't think I can express it enough -- it's a life-and-death situation," Rosenhaus said. "I'm not talking about football anymore. I'm talking about a young man who's in trouble."

Rosenhaus said he informed Manziel and the NFL Players Association of his decision to terminate the deal, but said there's a chance he could rescind his decision if Manziel agrees to seek help. Rosenhaus said Manziel has refused to enter a treatment program, which was a condition of his decision to represent him.

"What I've said to Johnny is that if he gets help and he gets treatment, if he does that within the five days, then I'll continue to represent him," Rosenhaus said. "If he does not do that then, unfortunately, he's going to have to find another agent.... Right now, I believe for him to have a chance, to have a successful life -- forget football for a moment, just to have a successful life -- I think it's imperative that he get help."

Rosenhaus first told ESPN of his decision to end his contract with Manziel.

Rosenhaus had been working as Manziel's agent for less than a month after the former Heisman Trophy winner's previous agent broke ties with him following allegations he assaulted his ex-girlfriend in January. In February, Dallas police concluded their misdemeanor domestic violence assault investigation of Manziel and submitted their findings to a grand jury, which will determined if he will be charged.

The Browns released Manziel on the first day of free agency, and Rosenhaus agreed to represent him two weeks later. However, it appears the brief partnership is on the verge of officially ending.

"I'm not going to see him go down in flames with me as his agent," Rosenhaus said. "He's either going to take the necessary steps to get his life back on track or he's going to have to find somebody else to stand by and watch him injure himself. It won't be me, guys."

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