Ronald Jones II on why he compares to Jamaal Charles, Alvin Kamara

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Running back, USC

Born: Aug. 3, 1997

Experience: 2018 NFL Draft prospect

Interview by Brooke Cersosimo | April 20, 2018

My ability to take it to the house on any given play [separates me in this draft class]. My durability, vision, speed, all that stuff.

[Jamaal Charles'] running style, and he's kinda built like me. And from Texas, as well. He's had success and I've always looked up to him and studied his game.

I would love to work with [Charles], train with him, learn from him. Get tips, advice and all that stuff.

That [5.4 yards per carry] stat for his career, I definitely think [merits a Hall of Fame bid]. And the consistent years of 1,000 yards he had -- I think he had four to six seasons. I think that also gets you in the Hall of Fame and a gold jacket.

I love [being compared to Alvin Kamara], especially coming off the Rookie of the Year. He showed he can slash in the run game and catch and line up, so I believe I can do those things, as well.

Yeah [I have more to prove], just because my reception total was kind of low. I think that was just our offense and how we ran things, but yeah, I think the tape speaks for itself. I can always improve.

[The team that drafts Sam Darnold] is going to get a competitor, face-of-the-franchise-type guy. He's a difference-maker, a clutch competitor and all that stuff. That's exactly what you want in a quarterback.

[My dad's death] has definitely motivated me. I remember I used to dress up in full pads and he would hand the ball off and tell me to hit this gap or that gap. He's a big reason why I'm here. [His passing] also taught me that life is short and to not hold grudges and stuff like that.

I know he's watching over and I know he's proud of me.

I'm feeling good and pretty much ready to go. If I had to practice, I would be ready.

I'm pretty close with some USC guys [who are in the league], and they tell me to find a routine for recovery because, obviously, if you're hurt, you can't play. They say once you get adjusted, it should come easy.

Marcus Allen [is the best player to ever come out of USC]. One of the faces of the game, a 2,000-yard back. He's just one of the greatest to ever do it.

I like to dress every now and then. I have these [snake earrings] and some stars, too. I like these ones 'cause, you know, you gotta watch everybody because not everybody's for you. You know what they say, like snakes in the grass. You just gotta keep your circle tight.

I'll be in McKinney, Texas, [for the draft] at a family friend's restaurant.

Oooo, no. I can't compromise on [burger joints]. I'm sticking with my Whataburger.

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