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Ron Rivera out of challenges vs. Broncos in SB50

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Ron Rivera wanted the Panthers to get out to a fast start in Super Bowl 50, but using all his challenges in the first 20 minutes is not what he had in mind.

Rivera is out of challenges for the rest of the game after challenging two plays in the first half. His second challenge was a questionable decision, even though he was right. While Rivera helped push the Broncos back seven yards with a correct challenge after a Peyton Manning sack, Rivera used up his final challenge of the game to do so. It's a decision he could come to regret if the officials make a mistake on a bigger play later in the game.

Rivera's first challenge came after Jerricho Cotchery bobbled a potential catch in the first quarter. While CBS' Mike Carey expected replays to overturn an incomplete catch, the replay officials stuck with the call on the field. It was a tough call to overturn. NFL coaches only get two challenges per game, unless they successfully challenge the first two. Then they get a third challenge.

In the heat of the moment during the second quarter, Rivera likely lost track of those rules and burned his final challenge. It was a lack of composure that he hopes doesn't cost his team in Super Bowl 50.

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