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Roger Goodell supporting J.J. Watt's Harvey relief push

With their city reeling from the disastrous effects of Hurricane Harvey, the Texans returned to Houston on Wednesday intent on aiding with the city's recovery efforts.

Speaking Thursday on Good Morning America, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell applauded the Texans, as well as the efforts of other NFL teams that have aided in a sprawling plan to help the city get back on its feet. The commissioner was part of a Red Cross telethon on the program, which featured celebrities, television personalities and athletes from across the spectrum taking donation calls.

Texans defensive end J.J. Watt has become the face of the push to help those impacted by the record floods. His efforts have raised more than $10 million.

"The Texans wanted to get back into their community," Goodell said, when asked about canceling the Texans' final preseason game, which was set to take place tonight at AT&T Stadium. "J.J. Watt obviously wants to continue the work he's doing there on the ground -- all the players, and the coaches, the team officials are all doing so much. Tonight there are 15 other games and all of those games each of those games will be reaching out and trying to do what they can to help support the people affected [by Hurricane Harvey]."

Goodell added: "The NFL Foundation] donated $1 million, the [Texans have done $2 million and many of our other clubs have made significant contributions. We're proud of the efforts of people like J.J Watt, who are there on the ground and inspiring people to give back -- it's something that makes us all proud."

The Titans have given $1 million to Watt's drive. The New England Patriots and New York Jets and the Johnson family also are donating $1 million each to relief efforts. Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank pledges to match fan contributions up to $1 million to support Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

Those looking to help can donate through The Red Cross here, or here to donate to Watt's flood relief fund.

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