Robert Griffin III to be 'smarter' on run, protect himself

As Robert Griffin IIIsoaks up his opportunity to reclaim a lost career, the quarterback acknowledged his play must change if he wants to take full advantage of his chance with the Baltimore Ravens.

One of RGIII's biggest problems during his playing days was his inability to slide. Whereas players like Russell Wilson are adept at avoiding contact, Griffin seemed to invite it. He also was the worst sliding quarterback in recent memory.

"I've learned to protect myself better," Griffin said Wednesday at his introductory news conference, via the team's official website. "You're going to get hit in this league -- it's just what it is; it's going to happen. The offensive line's job is to make that not happen; your job is to make that not happen by getting the ball out of your hands."

As he prepares to battle for a roster spot with the Ravens, Griffin said he wouldn't completely ditch the running style that made him famous as a rookie, but he'll be smarter about not trying to make every play a home run.

"It doesn't mean I'm not going to run. It just means that when I do run, I'll be smarter about it," he said. "I'll slide earlier, get out of bounds when I have to, and when it's time to run for 70 [yards], I'll run for 70. It just is what it is. That's what I more so learned by watching over the years. I'm excited about that."

Learning to keep himself healthy could go a long way to helping recapture a career that has been lost at sea since that first ACL tear as a rookie.

"If I'm being 100-percent honest, I probably haven't felt this good since I came out of college," Griffin said. "A year off of football can do that when trucks aren't landing on you every play."

Now RGIII must take that health and turn it into production if he gets his chance on a Sunday this fall.

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