Rob Gronkowski makes his WWE Smackdown debut

Surreal as it is to watch a World Wrestling Entertainment episode of Smackdown play out in front of an empty arena, it was almost equally surreal to see future Pro Football Hall of Famer Rob Gronkowski dance his way into the ring.

With a "GronkMania" logo emblazoned across his T-shirt, the former Patriots great made his Smackdown debut on Friday night as promised.

It was Gronkowski's segment that opened Friday's show on FOX.

With real-fried Mojo Rawley introducing him, Gronkowski danced and moved to the ring in a fashion all-too Gronk before taking to the microphone.

He quickly cut a promo concentrating on how long he has been a fan of the WWE.

"I've been to sold out Wrestlemanias in front of 80,000 people and now I'm here in front of zero people and I'm still hype baby!" he exclaimed. "But this time, I will be hosting Wrestlemania, because I'm ready for anything."

Gronkowski's segment -- in true WWE fashion -- was interrupted by "King" Corbin.

Eventually, after going nose to nose with Corbin, Gronkowski pushed him over the back of Rawley, who was on all fours behind Corbin with the age-old school boy trick.

As Gronkowski mentioned, he's set to "host" Wrestlemania.

As Smackdown played out in front of no fans due to the coronavirus, Wrestlemania -- the WWE's milestone yearly event -- will do so the same and is scheduled for two days for the first time.

It is scheduled for April 4-5 after it was initially scheduled for April 5 at Raymond James Stadium, home to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Each day's Wrestlemania events -- which could also be taped -- will take place at the WWE's Performance Center in Orlando.

As for Gronkowski's hosting duties, they are likely to entail segments and skits such as seen on Smackdown with limited physicality that could potentially lead to a match down the line.

On Friday, though, Gronkowski made his debut, though he was surrounded by some familiar football talent. Rawley (real name Dean Muhtadi) was signed at one point by the Packers and Cardinals, but never made an NFL roster. Corbin (real name Thomas Pestock) was signed by the Colts and Cardinals, but also never made a roster.

So Gronk's bound for Wrestlemania as another former Patriots standout is looking to do big things in Florida.

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