Rob Gronkowski debuts 'Gronk Pong' on 'Big Brother'

I've never met anyone who has self-identified as a Big Brother fan.

That's not to say there aren't people watching Big Brother. The CBS reality show is in its 17th season after all, and a cursory glance at the ratings reveals timeslot victories and solid audience retention.

So yes, Around The NFL is sleeping on a venerable and profitable venture for the Tiffany network. On Thursday's episode, the Summer Of Gronk rolled into the Big Brother house. Or, at least a TV screen situated in a shared living space in the Big Brother house. In the Summer of Gronk, Remote Gronk is the best one can hope for. The man is busy.

"What's up party people?" the Patriots star begins. "I'm Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski, but my friends call me Gronk. I hope you're ready for another BB takeover because it's Gronk's party week. That means we're going to party all week long."

There's no way Gronk had any idea what he's setting up here, but he did a nice job memorizing his lines. After the introduction, the group of reality contestants played a gigantic, confusing game called Gronk Pong.

That looks fun. The Summer of Gronk is turning into an industry independent of its creator.

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