Richard Sherman looking forward to 'jamming' Lockett

KAHUKU, Hawaii -- Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was hoping to play receiver in this year's Pro Bowl -- until he was drafted by Team Irvin.

Team Irvin loaded up on wide receivers in this year's draft, hording A.J. Green, Julio Jones, Tyler Eifert, DeAndre Hopkins and Allen Robinson. It was a power play along with the drafting of quarterback Russell Wilson, but it means that Sherman will not be able to return to his collegiate position.

"It's not gonna happen," Sherman said. "Unfortunately we got too much of a good thing."

The development means that Sherman cannot back up his words. Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner jokingly told reporters this week that he would lay Sherman out if he tried to run a slant in Wagner's area.

"Bobby says a lot of things," Sherman said. "I wish they would let me block him one time on a run play. I'd block him pretty good and he's terrified of that."

Sherman will have to settle for some one-on-one matchups with teammate Tyler Lockett, who has also stumbled into Sherman's sights this week.

"I'm gonna jam his little chest," Sherman said. "He knows it. He knows it. I know what he said (about me) but he's also an eighth grader."

This is Sherman's first time actually in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl. Each of his last two nods (2013, 2014) came during Super Bowl runs. And while the game has been criticized for its high number of dropouts, Sherman is doing his best to keep the festivities exciting. Outside of Wilson and Manning, he's drawn some of the biggest crowds at practice so far. Don't expect that to change as the weekend wanes.

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