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RGIII thought he would hit windshield in bus accident

The more we hear about Washington's bus accident, which occurred just hours before its game against the Vikingson Sunday, the more we think it must have had an effect on some of the players.

Here's a postgame quote from Robert Griffin III, who started his first game since dislocating his ankle in Week 2, to take into consideration:

"Myself and (Darrel Young) were sitting at the very front, and we saw the bus hit the bus and we both thought we were gonna fall out the window shield. Everybody got a little bit of whiplash I believe. We bumped our knees on the front of the little guard 'cause we were sitting there in the front. It was scary, man, scary to be in that situation."

The bus ride to a game is usually a time for players to compose themselves before hitting the field. Instead, the Redskins were jolted from their pre-game lull, and coach Jay Gruden confirmed running back Silas Redd missed the game due to back spasms.

"I got a stiff neck myself," Gruden added, per The Washington Post. "A little unique way to start the day getting ready for a football game when you're five feet away from driving off a cliff on the highway."

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