Rex won't say if LeSean McCoy left Philly with Bills

Did LeSean McCoy return to Buffalo with the Bills? Rex Ryan isn't saying.

"You know, I'm not going to get into all that kind of stuff about, you know, is this right? Is that right? It is what it is," Ryan said Monday, via The Buffalo News. "I'm not going to say if he did or he didn't."

McCoy returned to Philadelphia, his home for more than half a decade, this past weekend for a game in which the Eagles won. McCoy was clearly upset afterward, but was he too upset to miss out on some rest and relaxation with his old teammates?

Eagles tackle Jason Peters posted a flyer to a Welcome Home Shady McCoy party that was taking place on Sunday night between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. ET Sunday, well after the Bills' plane would have taken off for upstate New York. However, McCoy reportedly never showed his face at the B-Side Hookah Lounge on Chestnut Street.

While our first instinct is to say: 'Who cares?' and our second is to say that Rex Ryan does this kind of stuff all the time -- Derrick Mason was allowed to spend Monday and Tuesday in Nashville with his family before returning to the Jets' facility on Wednesday, Santonio Holmes and Ryan had ice cream dates, and so on -- there would probably be a number of more expendable Bills players on the roster that would be unhappy if they found out McCoy got to stay and hang out.

Ryan tip-toeing around the matter probably won't make life any easier for him, either.

If this was a simple world, Ryan allowing McCoy to blow off some steam would be viewed as a positive CEO move from a guy who saw just how unhappy and stressed out his star performer was. Unfortunately, we don't live in a simple world.

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