Rex Ryan: 'We don't have LeBron at quarterback'

The good thing about Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan is that he keeps finding interesting ways to say the same things.

On Wednesday, that meant addressing the Bills' moderately depressing situation at quarterback. Again.

"It's safe to say we won't have LeBron at quarterback," Ryan told reporters on the heels of a spirited discussion about the NBA Playoffs. "We may have LeBron at defensive tackle and at defensive end but we don't have him at quarterback."

Once again, Ryan also chided those who were leaving Tyrod Taylor out of the equation. Though many have seen the competition as a tight one between former first-round pick EJ Manuel and Matt Cassel, there's something about Ryan and the former Ravens backup that won't seem to go away.

"Wisdom tells me to let it play it out, we'll see what happens through the end," he said. "So you just eliminated Tyrod Taylor, that's not fair to do. So I think wisdom says let this thing play out and it will all work out in the end."

The good thing about this indecision is that it will all be over relatively soon. By the Bills' third preseason game, we should have a very good idea of where this is headed, though it wouldn't surprise us if Ryan keeps it interesting until then.

In today's NFL, there's no shortage of reps required to make a great quarterback, and Ryan understands that after trying -- and failing -- with multiple quarterback competitions.

Until then, he'll feel it out. The coach is big on emotion and leadership capabilities, which means the battle will extend far beyond the practice field.

Maybe then Ryan will find his LeBron in the meeting room.

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