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Rex: Patriots were 'clearly trying to embarrass' Bills

Rex Ryan's dangerous fascination with the New England Patriots still rages on in proud Buffalo.

The Bills coach on Wednesday waxed poetic over Eli Manning -- the Giants quarterback set to face Buffalo this Sunday -- by saying: "I like the fact that he beat (Patriots passer Tom) Brady twice. I like that. I'm not all the way over the Brady butt-kicking he did against us."

From there, Rex tumbled further down the wormhole, opining over his team's 40-32 loss to New England in Week 2 by acknowledging that "our emotions got the better of us, but I loved how we battled back when a team was clearly trying to embarrass us," per Tyler Dunne of The Buffalo News.

Bully for you, Rex, but why keep talking about a loss from two weeks ago? Instead of pulling a page from Bill Belichick's book -- on to the Giants! -- Ryan continues to obsessively reference a team he won't see again until Week 11.

To their credit, the Bills bounced back in tremendous fashion in Week 3, dropping a dirty bomb on Miami with 428 total yards and 41 points against a lost-at-sea Dolphins defense.

There's plenty to like about this year's Bills, but Buffalo's success boils down to Ryan keeping his team focused on what's down the road -- and not the flaming car wreck in the rear-view mirror.

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