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Rex on Patriots: 'I'm not feeling sorry for anybody'

Holding court Wednesday morning, Bills coach Rex Ryan was predictably peppered with inquiries about the four-game suspension draped on Tom Brady.

Asked by reporters what it means for Buffalo to potentially face a Patriots squad stripped of their All-Pro passer, Ryan shrugged it off.

"No matter who's there, we're playing the Patriots Week 2, they're playing us," Ryan said. "... (Coach Bill) Belichick's going to bring his team in and he's going to have them prepared. And I'll promise you, I'm going to have our team prepared, as well. So that's really all I think about it. All the particulars and all that stuff, I really haven't given any thought to it."

After years of dueling Brady as coach of the Jets, Ryan said a win over the Patriots would mean just as much with second-year arm Jimmy Garoppolo under center.

"That's what it says on the scoreboard," Ryan said. "You just want to beat 'em. And I don't care who's back there. You're playing the Patriots ... whoever they have, that's the way you look at it."

Ryan wouldn't bite when asked if he believed New England promoted a culture of cheating. Rambling slightly, Rex said that "anytime you travel to a team, you're conscious of leaving playbooks, stuff like that, around," but refused to point directly at the Pats.

"Last I looked, it's still the New England Patriots. They won the Super Bowl, right? I mean, that's the last I looked. To me, we're focused on getting our team better and I don't care who we play, who's in our division or anything else. This is about us."

Said Rex: "I'm not feeling sorry for anybody. We're going to play."

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