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Revis to Dolphins: 'You need to watch what you say'

Way back in Week 1, life was good in Miami.

The Dolphins had beaten the mighty Patriots at home and Miami players were feeling good about their chances in the AFC East. Fast forward three months and the Pats are, once again, division champs while the Dolphins are, once again, in the midst of a December slide into the abyss.

The timing was right for Darrelle Revis to air his grievances with unnamed Dolphins players who might have suffered from an over-abundance of confidence entering Week 15.

"There was a lot of talk," Revis said after Sunday's 41-13 win at Foxborough, according to CSN New England. "Those guys were chirping. The Miami Dolphins were chirping this week about (how) they should've beat us by 50 and all of those type of things in the first game.

"If that's what they wanna do, then that's what they want to do. The one thing you gotta understand is you get a second stab at it because we're in the same (division). You might need to watch what you say."

Chalk this up as another master motivational stroke by Bill Belichick, who reportedly used the video monitors inside the team complex to remind Patriots players of what the Dolphins were saying in September.

The Pats, as they always do in this division, got the final word.

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