Revis: 'I put my heart and soul' into playing for Jets

From front office personnel, coaching staffs to former teammates, Darrelle Revis had plenty of people to thank for his decorated 11-season career as the sole proprietor of Revis Island.

While his career included stints with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2013), New England Patriots (2014) and Kansas City Chiefs (2017), one of the greatest cornerbacks in league history will forever be linked to the Jets (2007-12; 2015-16).

So, it was only fitting Revis signed a one-day contract Tuesday to retire as a member of Gang Green Nation.

"This is a special day," Jets CEO and chairman Christopher Johnson told reporters during a news conference. "An opportunity to celebrate the career of not only one of the best players in the history of this franchise, but one of the best players to ever play the game. Period."

During his first tour of duty with the Jets, Revis became a feared cornerback to opposing quarterbacks. He was a three-time first-team All-Pro selection in three straight seasons (2009-11), and was named to four consecutive Pro Bowls (2008-11).

On his career, Revis was a four-time first-team All-Pro and was named to seven Pro Bowls. He drew the tough assignment against a team's top wide receiver on a weekly basis, and more often than not came out the victor.

An impressive feat when considering Revis has faced off against a who's who among some of the elite receivers in their prime, including the likes of Randy Moss, Andre Johnson, Steve Smith, Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson and Reggie Wayne, among others.

But Revis admits one stood out as his toughest foe.

"I would probably say Randy Moss," Revis told NFL Network's Kimberly Jones on Tuesday. "He's probably the toughest one."

While he will go down as one of the greatest to play the cornerback position, even NFL players understand when it is time to walk away from the game they love.

Revis, who turned 33 on July 14, experienced a slide of production on the playing field in recent years, and spent the first part of the 2017 regular season as a free agent before joining the Chiefs in November.

But with credentials virtually guaranteed to garner Hall of Fame consideration, Revis appeared satisfied to know there was no better time to retire than the present.

"I feel I accomplished a lot in my career," Revis said. "The assignments that I had to face during my career, it takes a lot of toll on your body week in and week out. Every day, my purpose was not to just be the best at my position, but be the best player on the field. That was my motivation."

With his career officially over, the once-feared cornerback can sit back and fully appreciate what he achieved, especially while as a proud member of the Jets.

"This journey was great," Revis said. "I enjoyed every bit of it. I put my heart and soul into wearing the green and white."

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