Report: Julian Edelman trained at Celtics facility

New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman prepared for his 2018 debut on Thursday by spending time at one of Boston's other premier franchises.

Edelman spent time training at the Celtics' new facility, ESPN reported, including using the basketball team's weight room.

The receiver didn't just use the professional training area as his personal Planet Fitness. He also kept up his competitive edge, frequently taking on Celtics star Gordon Hayward in ping-pong. Hayward, it should be pointed out, was a high school tennis champion in Indianapolis.

"He's a good player," Hayward texted ESPN. "I haven't played against someone who moved like he did when he played. He was all over the place and low to the ground."

How's that for an NFL Woj bomb!?!

Thursday night against the Indianapolis Colts, Edelman is set to return from a four-game performance-enhancing drugs suspension to open the season. The wideout also missed all of 2017 with a torn ACL. Tom Brady's BFF hasn't played a game since his miraculous game-changing catch in Super Bowl LI.

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