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Redskins praise 'unguardable' Jordan Reed after win

Kirk Cousins got his "You like that!" moment Sunday in the Washington Redskins' come-from-behind victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It wouldn't have been possible without Jordan Reed on the field.

The athletic tight end was Cousins' most pivotal tool while engineering the win.

Reed missed the previous two games with a concussion and it showed on the field. Whereas previously the Redskins couldn't create mismatches and were forced to scheme around their talent, Reed provided a go-to target Sunday.

"I feel every time I line up outside and someone's on me, I never feel I'll be covered," Reed said, via "I'm always confident. I'm a matchup problem; I can get open and catch the ball."

Reed was targeted 13 times and caught 11 passes for 72 yards and two touchdowns. His presence in the red zone was key for Cousins, who utilizes Reed as his security blanket in big spots. On the game-winning play, the Bucs shaded Reed to the outside to protect against the fade from the big tight end. Instead Reed planted and cut inward on the slant. Touchdown. Redskins win.

Following the victory, Reed's teammates were effusive with praise.

Trent Williams called Reed "unguardable."

"You show me anyone in the league who can guard that man one-on-one," Williams said. "I haven't seen that yet. As long as we've got him, we got a chance. He's the best receiving tight end that I've seen."

"He's a wide receiver in a tight end's body," added safety Dashon Goldson. "A lot of people underestimate his speed and ability when he's out there. You can see it on film, but it's tough when you get out there in a game situation and you have to guard a guy."

When Reed is healthy this season he's been the centerpiece of the Redskins' passing attack that is missing a deep threat sans DeSean Jackson. Keeping him in the game has been a challenge throughout his career.

Sunday, he was on the field. And it made all the difference.

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