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Redskins exec Allen: Trent Williams will play 'with us'

As the season nears, Trent Williams remains away from the Washington Redskins over contract and medical disputes with the team.

Redskins brass has been optimistic all summer that Williams will eventually rejoin the team, yet the left tackle is still a holdout.

On Wednesday night, Redskins president Bruce Allen told NBC Washington's Sherree Burruss that the team is preparing for their season opener with the Philadelphia Eagleswith or without Williams.

"Well, he's not here. You're either here or you're not and he's elected not to be here," Allen said. "We are in full mode right now even before this preseason game preparing for Philadelphia."

When pressed for details about potential contract negotiations or trade talks regarding Williams, Allen wouldn't disclose when the last time he spoke to Williams was or what the nature of their conversations has been.

Redskins coach Jay Gruden said earlier this week he believed "very strongly" that Washington will not trade the star tackle, even though Williams has shown no sign of budging from his holdout.

Allen was similarly assured Williams would play with Washington this year.

"I think Trent's going to play football, yes," Allen said. "We had a surprising retirement this week in the NFL and I don't see Trent retiring."

Asked whether he thinks Williams will play for the 'Skins or another team, Allen responded, "No, it'll be with us."

With Williams healthy and able to play, Washington could recoup a fortune if it were to trade him. The 31-year-old plays at a position of need for nearly half the league and has never missed more than six games in a season. Williams has also made consecutive seven Pro Bowls. The tackle could merit serious draft capital on the trade block, a useful commodity for any team but especially one that appears as middling as Washington.

But unless the 'Skins make Williams available for trade, the situation in D.C. won't change. Williams isn't showing up, and Allen's Redskins are confident he'll be back with the team this season. Who blinks first?

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