Redskins DC: We'll 'beat the crap out of a lot of people'

Greg Manusky plans on bringing more fire to the Washington Redskins defense after taking over for deposed coordinator Joe Barry.

The former 49ers, Chargers and Colts defensive coordinator, Manusky wants his players to bring more attitude this season.

"We might not win a game, but we'll sure beat the crap out of a lot of people!" Manusky said laughing, via the Washington Post.

Last season under Joe Barry, the Redskins own a milquetoast defense that ranked 28th in total yards per game allowed, 25th in pass defense and 24th against the run.

While Manusky won't have his defense fully installed until later this month, it's already clear to veterans players looking at the plan on paper that the new DC plans to get after the quarterback, adding a lot of pressure packages.

"You look at the install sheets for when we're installing our defense, and you see a lot of lines going forward," linebacker Ryan Kerrigan said. "That's a cool [thing] for a guy that plays up front because it's going to allow us to hopefully play in the backfield a little bit."

Washington added pieces to the defense this offseason, including linebacker Zach Brown, defensive linemen Terrell McClain and Stacy McGee, and safety D.J. Swearinger in free agency. They then had defensive tackle Jonathan Allen fall to them in the first round of the NFL Draft, snagged linebacker Ryan Anderson in the second round, and got corner Fabian Moreau in the third round (who would have gone much earlier if not for a Pro Day injury).

"The players that are in that room that we have, we have to win with 'em," Manusky said. "And we will win with 'em."

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