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Ray Lewis delights Baltimore Ravens fans with dance

Ray Lewis' final appearance at M&T Bank Stadium was chock full of everything you'd expect from the Baltimore Ravens legend.

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Lewis -- set to retire after the season -- made the most of the moment during Sunday's 24-9 AFC wild-card victory over the Indianapolis Colts.

The home crowd swelled to a roar as Lewis marched out with the Ravens' offense for the final kneeldown. As the clock melted away, the linebacker delighted the masses with one last rendition of his patented "squirrel dance."

After the game, Lewis shared the origin story behind the moves he has made so famous during his 17 seasons in the NFL.

"It started one time, they got ready to introduce the defense and they were going to introduce us together," Lewis said. "This guy in my hometown, Kirby Lee, would always do this dance, and the dance was called the 'squirrel,' and I told him I was gonna do that dance one day, and he was like, 'You're not gonna do it,' and I was like, 'I'm gonna do it.'

"So one day they were introducing the defense, and I came out and did it, and of course the crowd went crazy. After that, they were like, 'We need to see the dance again.' So after that, it just kept going. Then I started adding music to it and movie clips to it. It was a good time"

A good time and a great player, who will be dearly missed by the city of Baltimore.

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