Ravens help sort out AFC North with win over Titans

*The Ravens took a giant leap forward in sorting out the mess that is the AFC North today with a clean 21-7 win over the Titans. Here's what we learned from a physical matchup in Baltimore: *

  1. Zach Mettenberger (and the rest of the Titans) dropped off severely after an encouraging first quarter. The rookie sixth-round pick was efficient on his first few drives and only one of his first 12 throws took more than three seconds from snap to release. In the second half, though, it was a bit of a regression. Mettenberger took far more sacks and failed to create any manageable situations to gain first downs.
  1. What a fantastic week this has been for the Ravens. After starting the game in last place in the AFC North, they watched the Steelersfall to the Jets and the Bengalsget torched on *Thursday Night Football*. With precious few division games left, the Ravens will take what they can get.
  1. Justin Forsett is surprisingly fun to watch. The veteran running back seems to have evolved his game this season and attacks holes with a much more patient approach. On the other hand, he's not afraid to put his head down and do some damage. His two touchdowns in Baltimore on Sunday were the difference-makers.
  1. Ken Whisenhunt has an offense equipped with some decent skill position players, but his conservative approach seems to lead to predictability. The Titans ran the same play at least twice on their first three drives and threw the same read at the same depth. It was a microcosm of what seemed to be a game plan that backfired and forced a rookie quarterback into plenty of third-and-long situations.
  1. Moving forward, we're wondering how Mettenberger's confidence will play in the locker room and on the sideline. On Sunday, that manifested itself in plenty of snapped chinstrap buckles and more than a few instances in which he was visibly frustrated during clutch situations. Is it passion or is it a volatile attitude?

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