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Rank's 11 offseason sleepers: Murray on the money

All right, many of you fantasy enthusiasts were underwhelmed when we started with Montee Ball to kick off Rank's 11 last week. So fine, how about I go deep album cut on you and go with Raiders running back Latavius Murray?

And yes, I understand that going with Murray is akin to a hipster Red Hot Chili Peppers fan going up to the jukebox and playing "Sir Psycho Sexy" to show-off that you're a true fan of the band. Oh wait, I did that last night at Buffalo Wild Wings.

But I digress. Really, I was just stalling while you went out and Googled him. But let me tell you about Murray. He is a six-foot-three monster whom the Raiders drafted in the sixth-round of the 2013 NFL Draft. And if you're wondering why you never heard of him, well, he missed the entire season with an ankle injury.

Yeah, maybe I shouldn't have buried the lede on that little fun fact. But the good news is the Raiders are really high on him.

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"I think Latavius is one of those guys that we're anxious to see be healthy and get out there and play," coach Dennis Allen said during the Combine. "He's a big back that's got excellent speed and excellent size. He runs tough. Unfortunately, he had the injury this past wasn't able to go out and compete. We'll find out a lot more about Latavius Murray as we go through the offseason program and into training camp."

Now you might have a couple of questions here. For starters, if he was so good, why did he last until the sixth-round? Well, the sixth-round of the NFL draft is the new first-round for running backs. Freddy Morris was a sixth-round pick. Zac Stacy was a ... damn. He was a fifth-round pick of the St. Louis Football Club. I was really hoping Stacy could have hammered this point home. But NFL Network's Terrell Davis was a sixth-round pick (ask your parents, he was really good). So you can find great value later in drafts. I guess that would be my point. And that's what I probably should have led with before I went all-in on the sixth-round thing. I'll know better for next time.

And I'm really hoping my editor is going to think of another sixth-round back here. What, nothing? Whatever.

(Editor's note: Mike Anderson had a pair of 1,000-yard, double-digit touchdown seasons and was drafted by the Broncos in the sixth round in 2000. How's that work for you?)

The second question is, what about Darren McFadden? To which I respond Darren McFadden. This is why Murray is a great sleeper this year. Murray is absolutely going to get his chances once McFadden has his annual injury (ies). This is a great spot for Murray. He won't go to camp with the onus of being a starter draped on his shoulder pads like a pair of Legion of Doom spikes.

So here's what you do, use a late-round pick on him next year. Because he's going to replace McFadden and dominate. And then all of the folks in your league will race to the waiver wire the next day and they will be all morose when they find out Murray is actually on your team. And you'll be all, 'eat it, suckers, he's on my team!' Then you'll tweet me and be all like, 'Hey Rank, boss call on Murray. You're not so bad. Well, you should stop ripping on Peyton Manning so much, but great call on Murray.' And then I'll favorite your tweet and we'll be friends. Well, until I tell you Kenny Stills is a great play in Week 6 and he goes out and struggles. Then we'll be back to square one. And I'm going to miss those days when I was your go-to guy.

But then, Murray will have another great game and you'll be all like, 'Dude, all is forgiven. Hey, is it weird I like jalapenos on pizza?' And I'll be all, 'No way, that's an underrated topping. Much like Murray.' We'll share a laugh and have a great day.

Or something like that. I guess my point is here, jalapenos, the RHCP and Murray are three things I can endorse today.

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