Randall Cobb: 'I don't plan on missing a game'

When Randall Cobb went down over the weekend with an AC joint sprain in his shoulder, Packer Nation collectively held its breath.

While the sprain was minor, there was concern the wideout wouldn't be ready to face the Chicago Bears in Week 1. However, Cobb said Tuesday he'll be ready for the opener.

"I don't plan on missing a game," Cobb said, via the Green Bay Press Gazette. "I'm doing everything in my power to get back before then, but we still don't know severity. We've still got to get a lot of the swelling out. It definitely is a lot better then what we all thought it was in the beginning."

With Jordy Nelson officially on season-ending IR with a torn ACL, the Packers hope Cobb makes good on his declaration. With a slew of young options already shouldering a larger-than-expected load, missing Cobb for any time would be a big blow for Aaron Rodgers and the offense.

The 25-year-old receiver pointed to his return from a broken fibula in 2013 as the reason he doesn't need practice time before Week 1.

"Obviously, it could've been a lot worse," Cobb said of his shoulder injury. "For not being what we thought it could've been is definitely a blessing."

Seeing him on the field to start the season is the biggest blessing the Packers could hope for at this point.

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