Rams GM: Bradford talks heated up after combine

Rams general manager Les Snead played it cool during Nick Foles' introductory press conference on Friday.

After spending the entire combine saying that Sam Bradford was his guy, and that "deleting him" was not the answer, Snead pulled a deal that sent Bradford to Philadelphia.

Jeff Fisher said that money was obviously an issue, but that even if Bradford were to have taken a paycut, he would have still gotten dealt.

So what gives?

"At the end of the day, probably when we got back from the combine, probably a week or so after, a lot of teams started checking in," Snead said Friday. "There was multiple teams checking in and I think, like all trade talks go, they're babbling trying to figure out if we really want to give away, get rid of Sam or not.

"They figured out that we really didn't. That deleting him wasn't gonna be the solution. So long story short, the reason that made our trade the other day the right fit was the addition of Nick Foles because our conundrum at quarterback was gonna require an addition."

General managers speaking publicly are put in a bad spot often. Snead had no choice but to lie at the combine if he was shopping Bradford because if a deal doesn't go down, what is he going to say?

What was interesting, though, was the timetable he laid out. Snead said that after the combine, where he was grilled about a report that Bradford was on the market, he started fielding calls.

At the end of the day, he seemed happy enough to be putting Foles into a blue No. 5 jersey free and clear of the weight Bradford was putting on his salary cap.

After four years, the Rams can move on and in a few weeks, no one outside of Bradford himself will remember whether or not Snead was shopping him all along.

Funny how that works.

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