Rams fielding offers for Foles, open to dealing Keenum

Now that the Los Angeles Ramsdrafted their franchise quarterback in Jared Goff, the team is open to dangling two veterans in trades.

NFL Media columnist Michael Silver reported Friday the Rams are not only fielding trade offers for Nick Foles, but would also listed to teams interested in dealing for Case Keenum.

Several teams reportedly reached out to the Rams to see what it would cost to take Foles off the Rams hands. We can't imagine Les Snead could finagle more than a seventh round pick for a signal-caller seemingly destined to be cut. Foles was the worst quarterback in the NFL last season. His magical 2013 looks more and more a product of a new Chip Kelly scheme and some incredible luck.

That the L.A. brass is willing to part with Keenum -- which would likely mean keeping Foles -- is almost certainly based on the type of compensation they could receive. If a team is willing to pay for Keenum and no one is for Foles, you make the deal.

Goff is on a path to start from the get-go. If either Foles or Keenum plays significant minutes in 2016 it's another lost year anyway. Getting something in return for either of two below-average starters is better than cutting one for nothing. Whether any team is willing to fork over even a late-round pick for a backup-caliber quarterback remains to be seen.

Sometimes one person's trash is another's treasure. Sometimes it's still just rubbish.

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