Rams' Cooper Kupp making progress in ACL recovery

As the Los Angeles Rams opened organized team activities this week, the health of injured receiver Cooper Kupp was a key discussion point.

The wideout, who tore his ACL in November, said he's making progress toward the goal of being ready for Week 1.

"I'm taking it day-by-day," Kupp said, via the team's official website. "It's just about attacking this week, attacking the day as best as I possibly can. And I feel good about where I'm at."

The 25-year-old receiver remains in the individual drills portion of his rehab, as the rest of the Rams are able to do team drills during OTAs.

"He's like a kid standing on the sidelines that just wants to be able to grab a ball and go play," coach Sean McVay said of Kupp.

Kupp's injury last season tossed the Rams' offense off kilter down the stretch. As Jared Goff's security blanket, getting the wideout back for the start of the season would be a big boon. When Kupp was not on the field last season, the Rams' first-down percentage dipped from 47 to 38 percent, Goff's completion percentage fell from 71 to 61 percent, and his yards per attempt sunk from 9.3 to 7.2, per ESPN Stats & Information.

Even as Week 1 is the goal, Kupp wouldn't put a timeline on his rehab process.

"I don't set my goals months ahead on something like this -- it's almost daily, weekly goals," Kupp said. "When I get out of bed, what's today look like? How am I going to push myself? What are the goals I'm going to hit today that I'm making sure that tomorrow, the next day after that all line up with the big picture here. So keeping my goals kind of near-sighted versus far-sighted has been huge for me."

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