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Rams COO: Wentz deal won't dictate Goff timeline

The Rams will likely extend quarterback Jared Goff. They're just not likely to do so this offseason.

In the wake of the Eagles extending Carson Wentz on Thursday, Los Angeles COO Kevin Demoff was bombarded with questions Friday about whether he was prepared to do the same with Goff. The short answer was no. But he made it clear keeping Goff in blue and yellow long-term is a priority for the franchise -- financial ramifications just might prevent it from happening this summer.

"I think the numbers would be tough," Demoff told reporters. "If you look at the numbers and where we're at, a significant change to Jared's contract this year would probably hamper our ability to take care of some of the guys here that we're looking out for in 2020. ... Jared is under contract this year and next year, so I think that's how we'll look at it. We've all talked about it.

"Until Carson, the history of guys who were first round quarterbacks signing early, I think only Ryan Tannehill had signed (earlier than Year four). Most guys are signed after year four or five. The Eagles took a different path."

Demoff made sure to point out that Wentz's four-year, $128 million deal probably brought a smile to Goff's face -- "I'm sure he went to bed happy." There's no reason to question whether the Rams are satisfied with Goff, either. Demoff cited the fact L.A. has led the NFL in wins and points scored since 2017, and Goff is one of just two QBs (Drew Brees) in the entire league to start at least 15 games in each of the past two seasons while registering a passer rating above 100 for a team that qualified for the playoffs both years. (He's also a two-time Pro Bowler.)

At the same time, Demoff acknowledged the Rams have yet to sit down with or schedule any discussions about a new deal with their franchise QB. The plan appears to be wait until next year.

"People mistake timeline of getting deals done with multiple years left for commitment," Demoff said. "I would never mistake our staggering of our contracts with how we feel about Jared, or any player. We loved Aaron Donald. We tried for 18 months to get an Aaron Donald deal done. That doesn't mean that we didn't want Aaron Donald to be here. That went down to the wire. I hope we don't go down that path again, but sometimes deals get done early and sometimes they get done late. Aaron is the best example of your want for a player and how badly you want them, doesn't always come down to how quickly they sign. ...

"Jared's an important piece in what we do. He's an important piece of our future. I don't think the timing of when we sign Jared or begin those talks is reflective of how we value him."

Goff's value, of course, has risen dramatically since the arrival of Sean McVay. How he's helped the 24-year-old rebound from a rough rookie season is still an elephant in the room for some, as Demoff was asked if there's any validity to the theory that because McVay did not draft Goff, the fourth-year signal-caller isn't his guy and might not be long for Los Angeles.

"I think that's a better question for Sean to debunk those theories, but I believe they're just that -- theories," Demoff said.

The team exec added that the club isn't contemplating a franchise tag for Goff while acknowledging that because Wentz signed, he realizes the Rams are on deck, along with the Cowboys and Dak Prescott. But it sounds like the former is in no rush to swing. If the Rams do decide to hold off on a new deal until 2020, they're giving themselves room to change course, even if that's not something they're privately considering.

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