Rams COO Kevin Demoff says team doesn't regret Jared Goff contract extension

The Los Angeles Rams traded two first-round picks to upgrade from Jared Goff to Matthew Stafford. Given the price tag, it was clear the Rams paid a hefty fee to offload Goff's contract.

Rams COO Kevin Demoff, speaking Saturday for the first time since the trade went down, was asked if he regretted the $134 million extension L.A. handed Goff in 2019.

"Every time a player doesn't finish the deal that they signed, you probably wish they had," Demoff said via the L.A. Daily News. "Regrets? No. Jared has been a great piece to our franchise.

"You can't be caught up in decisions you've made in the past, because things change."

It's not a surprise a person in Demoff's shoes wouldn't say outright that his club regretted given Goff a big contract. The price they paid to get out from under that contract, however, tells the fuller picture.

Demoff noted he'd "look back on the era of Jared with great fondness" but said that he's excited about the Stafford era.

"It's a new beginning at that position with a player who's had a really decorated career to date," Demoff said. "And we're hopeful he'll help put us over the top."

The Rams are betting big that Stafford is a massive upgrade on Goff and can put them over the top in a hotly contested NFC West.

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