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Raiders have interest in acquiring Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson's reinstatement to the NFL became official Friday, and it's safe to say the next two weeks will include plenty of stories about his future. The Minnesota Vikings hold the cards here, and have plenty of options.

One of those options could be a trade of Peterson to the Oakland Raiders.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reports that the Raiders have some interest in acquiring Peterson, according to a source informed of their thinking. Rapoport characterized the Raiders as being "on the outskirts" of the chase for Peterson, but it is an option they have discussed internally. Oakland has plenty of money to spend and notably went after DeMarco Murray during free agency. This news echoes a Bleacher Report article tying the Raiders to Peterson.

Perhaps the Raiders' interest has been cautious to this point because they know it would be difficult to deliver Peterson to their rabid fan base. The Cowboys or Cardinals could offer a chance for a title in exchange for Peterson possibly taking less money on his contract. It's hard to imagine Peterson taking a pay cut to go to Oakland, no matter how much his agent believes its in Peterson's best interest to leave Minnesota.

The Vikings are not motivated sellers. It's going to take a team willing to give up a high draft pick and a big contract in order to acquire Peterson, and no one has stepped up yet. Interested teams like the Raiders have two weeks left to make a move. 

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