Quick Take: Can Pack pull it together vs. Texans?

NFL.com and NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport has his thoughts on the game:

Why this game is intriguing: There are only two undefeated teams left. Who guessed they would be the Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons before the season? Not this guy. Houston has emerged as a force, with its latest salvo being a physical road beatdown of the New York Jets that featured little else besides Arian Foster and hard-nosed football. Yet some cracks have begun to emerge, with Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie shutting down star receiver Andre Johnson on Monday night. The Texans didn't have a passing-game response to this development. That might be the ticket for Green Bay to hold them down with defense, but what about the Packers' offense? Whether or not Jennings is back, Rodgers has been inaccurate, and the unit is ranked a staggering 21st overall. Can Rodgers and Co. pull it together to stun one of the NFL's best and get back on track?

What to watch: With Cushing done for the season, the Texans are forced to play without one of their best defenders and leaders. That stings. How well can Tim Dobbins fill those shoes? What other adjustments will the Texans make? That remains to be seen. Great defenses shrug off the loss of one mainstay and keep going -- like the Texans did last year when Mario Williams went down. It helps to have a Packers team coming in that won't pound the ball at them. In fact, how the Pack adapt without Benson is worth watching. Offensive coordinator Tom Clements said running is essential to this offense, and that carries lead to wins. But will handing Alex Green and/or James Starks the ball 20 times be enough? And if Jennings and his groin can't go, will the other receivers force Rodgers to hold the ball like last week?

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