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Seahawks QB Russell Wilson hopes to play in Seattle 'for 20 years'

Russell Wilson's Seattle Seahawks might be headed toward an offseason of change.

That change could point them in a less-than-competitive direction out of necessity. It would be understandable if the 33-year-old Wilson wasn't interested in sticking around for the rebuild, but in order to facilitate a move elsewhere that would also benefit both parties, he'd have to waive his no-trade clause.

No dice, Wilson says, at least not as of now. Wilson told reporters any rumblings of him waiving his no-trade clause are a "non-story," and he's still set on fulfilling the remainder of his contract, which runs through 2023.

"That's my hope. My hope's not to just fulfill it. Hopefully I get to play here for 20 years in my career," Wilson said, via the Tacoma News Tribune's Gregg Bell. "Will that happen? I don't know, but that's my prayer, that's my hope."

Wilson is still 10 seasons from hitting the 20-year mark in his NFL career, which began with his third-round selection out of Wisconsin in 2012. He'd have to play through his age-43 season to hit that mark in Seattle, something that isn't impossible (looking at and admiring you, Tom Brady), but seems too far down the line to project at this point, especially considering the amount of hits Wilson has taken in recent years.

So it could just be idealistic, good-for-the-brand talk from Wilson. There's probably some honesty in it, too. But right now, the Seahawks have problems well beyond who's under center, and unless they think shipping Wilson in a megadeal can jumpstart a rapid rebuild, they're still better off with Wilson as their guy.

This could all change with a few spins of the QB carousel this offseason. That period is essentially all Seahawks fans have left to look forward to in the final month of a disappointing campaign that has seen them fall to the cellar of the NFC West. Whether they include Wilson in their future plans remains to be seen.

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