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Pro Bowl tests out new innovations, including Oakley tinted shields

The NFL used Sunday's Pro Bowl to test-drive several game-day innovations.

Among the tests were the use of multiple coach-to-player on-field communication systems, which allows more than one player on either side of the ball to be in communication with the coaching staff until 15 seconds remain on the play clock. Currently, NFL rules allow only one player with a radio in his helmet to be on the field at a time, indicated by a green dot on the equipment.

The full list of innovations in Sunday's Pro Bowl:

Optical Performance: Players tested the new Oakley Prizm football shields design to enhance on-field vision. Oakley's Prizm lens technology is engineered to dramatically enhance detail and help improve performance by providing ultra-precise color tuning that's specific to a football environment. Field lines stand out, the football is more vivid, and the on-field experience is enhanced.

Multiple coach-to-player on-field communication: Multiple players on each side of the ball to have communication equipment in helmet for future evaluation.

Adjustment to game clock: Modifying both game and play clock for understanding and maximizing pace of play.

Camera angles: Helmet camera, officiating hat camera, pylon 1st down camera, and pregame camera in locker room to provide unique perspectives.

Player & Legend captains wired for audio: Expanding on ESPN's existing use of player audio in the "Monday Night Mic" segments.

360-degree camera: A 360-degree camera under the goal post with a view of the entire back line of the end zone, providing a unique look at potential scoring plays.

New Official to Official vendor: New technology vendor to improve audio quality for the game officials communication system.

In-game NGS Data: Using player tracking information and Next Gen Stats, study in-game data collection and how it supports game play and operational decisions/information (live in game play snaps, a players load information through the game, acceleration and speed).

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