Preseason red flags: Who should be worried?

We've handed out the first-ever preseason awards in NFL history. Now let's take stock of who struggled throughout August.

Manuel couldn't move the ball, even when he was facing Detroit's backups in the preseason's final week. His accuracy issues are not going away.

Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins: Hopefully this preseason will be looked upon like RGIII's first preseason, in which the Redskins kept their creative attack under wraps. This felt different, though. Griffin put himself at risk of getting hurt too often and seemed to be struggling with some basic aspects of the position. Practice reports were no kinder. The transition to coach Jay Gruden's offense could be bumpy, despite the amount of weapons in Washington.

Ben McAdoo, New York Giants offensive coordinator: We could list Eli Manning here, but it feels like the Giants' problems are more systemic. McAdoo's dramatically different offense has been tough for Big Blue to execute in practice and in games. Rashad Jennings and rookie Andre Williams looked good out of the backfield, but everything about the Giants' passing game looked out of sync.

Johnny Manziel and Brian Hoyer, Cleveland Browns quarterbacks: We're not including Rex Grossman on this list. The Browns had a worst-case scenario over four preseason games. Johnny Manziel looked inaccurate, indecisive and not as creative as hoped. It seems like he's a year away. Brian Hoyer looked like a career backup coming off ACL surgery who is stuck with an uneven wide receiver group. Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan's attack is not an easy one to learn, and the Browns don't appear to be regular-season ready.

New York Jets' secondary: They hoped Dimitri Patterson would start. He's no longer on the team. Dee Milliner suffered a high ankle sprain and may not be ready for Week 1. Antonio Allen, who is coming off a concussion, and Darrin Walls could be the opening day starters.

Kansas City Chiefs' offensive line: They lost a ton of experience in free agency, and it has showed in the preseason. Alex Smith has had no time to throw, and he has lackluster weapons when he is protected. Andy Reid is going to have to work a lot of magic. (Carolina and Tampa Bay's offensive lines have also struggled.)

Matt Schaub, Oakland Raiders: Early in camp, we heard a lot of positive practice reports about Schaub. Now we're wondering if he's even going to play at all this year. The Raidershave to go to rookie Derek Carr after Schaub's lack of arm strength showed up in a glaring way throughout the preseason.

The latest "Around The NFL Podcast" hands out the first annual Preseason Awards and predicts the major winners of the regular-season awards.

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