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Pouncey: Dolphins could have given up on me long ago

Mike Pouncey was emotional during a press conference Monday announcing his five-year contract extension with the Miami Dolphins, choking up multiple times when discussing past mistakes and promising a brighter future.

"I always had faith that I'd be a Miami Dolphin for life," an emotional Pouncey said, per the Miami Herald. "(It's) truly a blessing to be here."

"I look back at my career and could have done so (many) things better. ... What I put my family through."

Pouncey was embroiled in the Dolphins' bullying scandal in 2013. He also caused controversy by wearing a "Free Hernandez" hat after former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was arrested on murder charges.

Pouncey acknowledged the Dolphins could have cut ties with him over past incidences and regrets his actions.

"They could have gave up on me long ago. ... It's something I'll never forget," he said. "There were days that I was disappointed in myself more than anything."

Pouncey added there is a "there's a right and wrong way to do stuff" and said it takes more than ability to earn the new contract he's signed.

"You're going to see a better leader, on and off the football field."

The Dolphins also confirmed that Pouncey would return to playing center after spending last year at guard.

"I can't wait," he said of moving back to the pivot. "I feel like I'm one of the top centers in the league when I'm playing at the top of my game."

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