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Pouncey brothers happy to play together again

PHOENIX -- Mike and Maurkice Pouncey are back where they feel most comfortable, at each other's side.

The twin offensive linemen were both drafted by Team Carter in this week's Pro Bowl Draft, Maurkice (Steelers) to play center and Mike (Dolphins) to play guard.

On Thursday the brothers signed autographs at Luke Air Force Base following practice. Of course they were side-by-side the whole way.

As for playing together on the field Sunday, both linemen were pumped, but admitted it might be the last time they are able to play next to each other on a football field.

"It's going to be like college days, man. It's probably the last time we'll get to do it," Maurkice told Around The NFL. "If me and Mike make it (to the Pro Bowl) again, he'll probably be back at center and his team will probably keep him for a while. It's really memorable and an honor to do this."

Mike Pouncey missed the first four games of the season after undergoing offseason hip surgery. When he returned to the Dolphins in Week 6 he was slotted at the right guard spot. Maurkice anticipates his brother will move back to center and stay in South Beach for years to come.

Mike recently told the Dolphins official website that Maurkice was going to sit out the Pro Bowl, but when the brothers realized there was a chance to play together, neither could pass it up.

So on Sunday the twins will soak up the opportunity to pretend they were back at Florida.

But will their chemistry be at the level it was during their dominant days in college?

"You are going to have to watch the game," Maurkice said. "I can't give you too much, but it was nice at Florida and it got us to where we are now."

"We'll show everybody on Sunday," Mike added.

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