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Police: Ratliff threatened Bears staff after release

Jeremiah Ratliff was released by the Bearsmore than a week ago, but according to a police report obtained by NFL Media, he did not depart without incident.

According to Lake Forest, Illinois, deputy police chief Karl Walldorf, Ratliff, 34, was not charged with any crime -- the Bears declined to press charges -- and it amounted to nothing more than a "heated conversation."

However, the police report from Oct. 21 details a few scary moments at the team's facility.

According to the report, Ratliff, after being released, returned to the team's compound to collect his belongings but was not allowed through by security. Upon hearing that information, Ratliff opted to park his car and walk through the gate on foot.

After obtaining his belongings, he returned a short time later, saying that he needed to get his cell phone from the locker room. Once again, after parking his car and entering on foot, he allegedly told an escort that "I am the devil," and wished death upon the children of staff members, the report stated. Ratliff, on the day prior, was also overheard as saying he "felt like killing everyone in the building."

Police were informed that the Bears believed Ratliff owned "multiple firearms," and that they were concerned for the safety of the staff inside the building. Ratliff was described as "very angry and irrational," in the report.

Police presence was requested for the remainder of the work day on Oct. 21, as well as the following day. Per the Lake Forest PD, he has not returned to the team's complex since.

Ratliff's agent, Mark Slough, released a statement regarding the reported incident:

"Jeremiah has no recollection or memory of saying anything that has been reported in the police report. Jeremiah is receiving care in Dallas for a football-related medical condition that arose out of the game on the 18th with Detroit. The primary focus right now is on Jeremiah's cognitive health. I would also like to reiterate that the reports that Jeremiah showed up at Halas Hall inebriated are utterly and completely false."

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