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Playoff scramble starts in earnest in GameDay Morning league

Things are far from settled when it comes to the playoff picture in the GameDay Morning fantasy league. Four teams sitting at 4-4 and one at 3-5 all have a chance to make the postseason with a few good breaks. That playoff run starts this week for many.

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Both teams are holding onto the final playoff spots in their respective divisions and in need of a win. Both teams have lineups loaded with risk-reward players. The Stallions are even risking being burned by #shanahanigans by playing Ryan Torain. The Kukars could have an edge if Aaron Rodgers goes Aaron Rodgers on the Chargers.

Predicted outcome: The Stallions' depth proves to be just enough to pull out a win.

We're almost through all of the bye weeks, but Stacey Dales is bitten by the bye bug one more time. It could prove costly if Joe Flacco or Miles Austin can't step up. Meanwhile, Mooch's Militia is primed for a big win as long as Philip Rivers can regain his form against a suspect Packers secondary.

Predicted outcome: The Militia puts a major dent in Dales' fading playoff hopes.

Fighting 99 Champ survived a two-game hiccup to get back to the top of the division, but with Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson and the Lions' defense on a bye, a fourth straight win will be tough. Unfortunately things have gotten so tough for Lombardi that he's starting Tim Tebow this week. That puts a lot of pressure on Frank Gore and the Niners' defense to produce.

Predicted outcome: The Champ keeps rolling along with another win.

Plantar Smashiitis seemed primed to break out of a two-game losing streak, until Darren McFadden was ruled out. Fortunately, Matt Forte is there to pick up some of the slack. Kurt's Krew is in a heated battle for the playoffs and a win would do them plenty of good. With Eli Manning in a potential shootout with the Patriots, the Krew could get that victory.

Predicted outcome: The Krew keeps Smashiitis in a tailspin while boosting its own playoff chances.

The Play Makers are in serious playoff contention after a slow start. And as long as Tom Brady and Fred Jackson keep scoring points, they remain a scary opponent. Speaking of scary opponents, Frickin Flantastic can thank Drew Brees and Wes Welker for their league-best 7-1 record. With Ray Rice facing a tough Pittsburgh defense, Flantastic's other stars will have to play big.

Predicted outcome: The Play Makers pull an upset and stay in playoff contention.

It's been a frustrating year for the Sonic Reducers, and Ryan Mathews' constant injury issues haven't helped. The combination of Michael Vick and Dez Bryant will need big weeks for the Reducers to get a win. Even at 3-5, Faulk Hero has an outside shot at the playoffs. If LeGarrette Blount's return is a good one, Faulk Hero could be a step closer to the postseason.

Predicted outcome: It could be a long Faulk'n day for the Reducers in the Hero's win.

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