Playoff Challenge picks for Championship Weekend

As we enter the third week of the postseason, Championship Week, the end is truly nigh in the 2015 fantasy football season. There are only two more weeks to scrounge up whatever fantasy activity you can before the door officially closes and we turn our attention to 2016. Whether your vice is daily fantasy, an office pool, or NFL Fantasy Playoff Challenge (where you can win a trip to Super Bowl LI), make sure you enjoy these last two weeks. For those still hanging around in the Playoff Challenge competition, our group of analysts in what we affectionately refer to as the "Fantasy Stronghold" have updated their lineups after a phenomenal Divisional Round to get things set for the championship games, and hopefully help one of you bring home that grand prize. Take a look at the lineups below and hit us up on Twitter if you have more specific questions.

Marcas Grant (@MarcasG)

Marcas looks to be in the best shape out of the three of us, as he has a two or three times multiplier for every player in his lineup. Of course, many of those players didn't perform in the Divisional Round, but hey, at least their meager performances were doubled. If the Cardinals can defeat the Panthers in Carolina this weekend, Marcas will likely run away with the Playoff Challenge title among those of us in the Fantasy Stronghold. He is also set up nicely to get a triple bonus from at least one player on either AFC contender in the Super Bowl.

Matt Harmon (@MattHarmonBYB)

Harmon's diverse roster served him pretty well, as he's riding a triple bonus on six of his eight players heading into championship weekend. Still, with four teams represented on his roster, he'll have some decisions to make once Super Bowl 50 rolls around, but he's likely hoping the multipliers from these players can set him up nicely before the season's final game. Adding Julian Edelman to round out his wide receiving corps is a smart move, as with Chris Harris Jr. banged up for Denver, this AFC title tilt could shape up as a big game for Edleman. Denver is outstanding against the run, which could lead New England to use short passes to Edelman as a fill-in for their rushing attack. Nabbing the Patriots defense against a waning Peyton Manning in the cold also isn't a bad idea, either.

Alex Gelhar (@AlexGelhar)

Well, my master plan of riding the red-hot Seahawks to fantasy postseason glory crumbled during the divisional round, though Russell Wilson and co. definitely hooked me up with some nice double point outings before they exited the big dance. That left a ton of vacancies in my lineup, forcing me to turn to the two teams I think have the best chance of squaring off in Super Bowl 50: the Panthers and Patriots. Cam Newton is still playing lights out, and I think last week's second half was a wake up call for the team as a whole. Jonathan Stewart looked great in his return to action, and as I mentioned with Harmon's lineup above, Edelman could be in line for a big game. The wild card in this lineup is Ted Ginn, but we know he's capable of a blowup game in this offense. So I'm pinning my hopes he has one (or two) more left in his tank this fantasy season.

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