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Playoff battle intensifies in GameDay Morning league

Time is getting short in the NFL GameDay Morning fantasy league and there is still plenty left to be decided. Division 2 looks to be the stronger of the two conferences, but with seven teams battling for the final three playoff spots, it's unlikely that anything will be settled this week.

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The Stallions ended a three-game skid with a win last week, but as the fourth seed in a hotly contested playoff race, they'll need to keep winning to solidify a playoff spot. On paper, Lombardi would seem to be a pushover, but a Smith-Robinson-Gronkowski-Moore receiving corps could make getting that win difficult.

Predicted outcome: Lombardi pulls the upset and creates a nervous situation for the Stallions.

Even though both teams are 4-6, tiebreakers put the Militia on the doorstep of a playoff spot. Although a win by Kurt's Krew could turn all of that upside down. Even though the Krew has lost three straight, their intriguing lineup featuring Eli Manning and Adrian Peterson means they could certainly score a big win.

Predicted outcome: The playoff race takes another interesting turn after the Krew's victory.

This is potentially a championship week preview. Byes have robbed Flantastic of Drew Brees and Darren Sproles, but they've been credibly replaced in the lineup. Fighting 99 Champ has survived all kinds of running back turmoil and is getting stronger at the right time.

Predicted outcome: The Champ wins round one. Hopefully we see round two in a few weeks.

Plantar Smashiitis has quietly played their way into the league's third-best record. That success should continue this week against a Faulk Hero squad with big questions at running back and in the flex position. With a shot at the second seed in the playoffs, a win could do Smashiitis well.

Predicted outcome: Smashiitis has too many weapons and earns a comfortable win to keep the pressure on Fighting 99 Champ.

In a week filled with pivotal matchups, this could be the most critical. Willis McGahee scoring negative points on Thursday won't help the Kukars, but when you have Aaron Rodgers, you can sleep a little easier. Not to be outdone, The Play Makers start Tom Brady, but injuries to the WR corps could be a problem.

Predicted outcome: The Kukars take advantage of The Play Makers' injury situation to solidify their playoff spot in a win.

It wasn't long ago that Stacey Dales was over .500, now her season is all but finished. A win over the woeful Sonic Reducers would ease some of that pain, and with Michael Vick out of action, a win for Dales looks like more of a certainty.

Predicted outcome: Dales salvages a little pride with a win.

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