Playing on franchise tag 'fine' for Chargers TE Hunter Henry

As Hunter Henry's fifth season draws closer, there's a bit of uncertainty.

The Chargers applied the franchise tag on Henry and he's looking for a long-term deal.

Nonetheless, the talented tight end is happy going forward as far as 2020 is concerned whether it's under the tag or as the recipient of an extension.

"I think it's fine," Henry told SiriusXM NFL Radio of playing under the tag if a long-term pact isn't had. "Obviously, I think I would like to get something done; just security, and long term and just with the team and the franchise. It's another year of playing football, man, that's how I look at it."

The date to circle for Henry and the Chargers -- along with every NFL player tabbed with the tag -- is July 15, the deadline for franchise tag players to sign long-term contract extensions.

Coming off arguably his best season thus far, in which he posted career-highs of 55 catches and 652 yards receiving, Henry made it clear he enjoys playing for Los Angeles and is excited about the Bolts' prospects for the upcoming campaign. Hence, playing under the tag won't be a distraction and there was no mention of any holding out.

"I think I just look forward to the challenge of whatever it is," Henry said. "I get to go out there and play football with guys I've been doing it for a couple years with now and I get another chance to go out there and do it. Whatever the situation is, I'll be looking forward to going out there with this squad. I'm really looking forward to this team and the potential and what we have going toward this year in this 2020 season."

According to Henry, there was previous conversation in regards to an extension, though nothing lately. While playing under the tag is fine by him, he is optimistic that as the Southern California temperatures heat up, so too will contract talks.

"There were [talks] a while back, but we haven't really done much since," Henry said. "Hopefully we can get something going this summer and get it going that way."

Another unknown for the Chargers offense is the quarterback situation with Tyrod Taylor as the veteran in the quarterback room and 2020 No. 6 pick Justin Herbert seemingly the future of the franchise.

Henry and Herbert have already done some work together, as the first-round signal-caller has been to California and the two have talked and thrown.

"Him being here in California has been kinda nice," Henry said. "I'm looking forward to what's to come and excited; we have a really, really great team. If we can put all three pieces together, we have a great chance."

In Herbert, Henry sees a great arm and plenty of talent.

"Obviously, he went first round and sixth pick for a reason," Henry said.

The 25-year-old Henry also shines a positive light on the veteran Taylor.

"Big believer in Tyrod, too, so I'm looking forward to seeing what he's going to bring to us," Henry said.

Ultimately, Henry forecasts a quarterback competition likely accompanying his contract talks as Chargers summer storylines to monitor.

"I know there will probably be an open competition and that'll be good for everybody in that room," Henry said. "It'll push every one of those guys."

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