Picking the Perfect Week 3 fantasy football lineup

So you think you're perfect, eh? Well, don't just talk about it. Be about it. Prove to your friends and (more importantly) strangers you'll never meet that you're a fantasy football genius. Every week, set the perfect fantasy lineup for your chance to win one million dollars. You could use a million dollars, right? Right. Haven't joined NFL Perfect Challenge yet? Don't worry, you can get started in just a few seconds **RIGHT HERE**.

Below are the Perfect Challenge picks for Week 3 from The NFL Fantasy Stronghold.

Matt Franciscovich's Week 3 lineup (on Twitter @MattFranchise)

It's pretty easy to play quarterback when you're not getting pressured. Enter Derek Carr! Jay Ajayi is good and the Jets defense is bad. So that pick makes sense. So does Kareem Hunt, who's checking in as the top scorer in fantasy right now. DeVante Parker seems like a good bet to get loose against the New York secondary. Julio Jones is still good at football. Start tight ends against the Giants ... so Zach Ertz. The Broncos against a moribund Bills offense seems fun. And Will Lutz.

Alex Gelhar's Week 3 lineup (on Twitter @AlexGelhar)

After carving up the Packers, Gelhar is going with Matt Ryan against the Lions. Hi again, Jay Ajayi! Carlos Hyde is the best thing in the Niners offense and is being slept on. Kelvin Benjamin against the Saints offers all the feels. A.J. Green is the next subject in the Squeaky Wheel Theory. Hello again, Zach Ertz! The Eagles defense has a chance to devour a bad Giants offense. And Justin Tucker.

Matt Harmon's Week 3 lineup (on Twitter @MattHarmon_BYB)

Harmon's picking on the Saints defense in the form of Cam Newton. Hey, Jay Ajayi is back! Devonta Freeman should cause matchup problems against the Lions. Check it out ... A.J. Green and Kelvin Benjamin are here! The Ravens ferocious defense against the Jaguars dysfunctional offense feels like a pretty easy call -- even in London. And Justin Tucker.

Marcas Grant's Week 3 lineup (on Twitter @MarcasG)

In a week where Jay Cutler is being universally praised, let's pray he doesn't disappoint us. He's going to disappoint us, isn't he? Jay Ajayi just keeps hanging around. Can Marshawn Lynch dance through the Washington defense the way he danced on the sideline? What's new, Kelvin Benjamin? The Chargers could struggle to keep up with Tyreek Hill down the field. Howdy there, Zach Ertz. Hey, everybody, the Ravens are back! And Matt Bryant.

Those are our picks for Week 3. Hit us up on Twitter with your lineup. Enjoy the games!

Marcas Grant is a fantasy editor for NFL.com. Follow him on Twitter @MarcasG, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat at marcasg9.

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