Philadelphia Eagles done after loss to Dallas Cowboys

It's over.

The Philadelphia Eagles will have to convince themselves that their season isn't over after a 38-23 loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, but we don't have to apply the same logic. The Eagles aren't coming back from a 3-6 record. They aren't recovering from a five-game losing streak or a 1-5 NFC record.

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It's almost certainly over for Andy Reid, the longest tenured coach in the NFL. We'll have plenty of time to discuss Reid, who has specialized in late-season rallies during his time in Philadelphia. It's just not possible to see it happening in 2012. This is a squad that has been outscored by 65 points this season. They are lucky to be 3-6.

Backup quarterback Nick Foles, who stepped in after Michael Vick suffered a concussion, played well to help the Eagles grab a 17-10 lead late in the third quarter. But it fell apart so quickly.

In less than three minutes of play at the end of the third quarter and start of the fourth, Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant caught 30-yard touchdown from Tony Romo, Dwayne Harris returned a punt 81 yards, and cornerback Brandon Carr took a tipped pass 47 yards for a touchdown. Ballgame.

It must have been nice for the Cowboys to see another team implode in the fourth quarter -- and it was appropriate. For all of the Cowboys' troubles this year, they are competitive each week. With the New York Giants coming back to the pack, the Cowboys remain in the NFC East mix at 4-5; they still have a legitimate hope of making the postseason.

In Philadelphia, talk about the Eagles can be centered on their 2013 season.

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