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Peyton: Watching Broncos on TV was 'excruciating'

Appearing at the Florida Forum Speakers Series in Jacksonville on Wednesday, Peyton Manning touched on his unique 2015 season but stopped short of revealing his plans for 2016.

Manning said it was "absolutely excruciating" to watch Denver Broncos games on television when he was sidelined with a torn plantar fascia in late November and early December.

Per NFL Media's Jeff Darlington, Manning explained that he would watch games with the sound muted so he didn't hear the commentary.

Asked about his post-football career, Manning responded, "Hard to say. One reason I've enjoyed my current job so much is I've been all-in."

While the Broncos have respectfully afforded Manning all the time he needs to contemplate his future, they have begun working behind the scenes to secure the services of Brock Osweiler before free agency begins next week.

Negotiations with Osweiler have intensified, NFL Media's James Palmer reported on Wednesday's edition of NFL Total Access.

Whether Manning opts to continue playing or accept the excruciating experience of watching the NFL on television this year, his former team is planning the transition to a new era.

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