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Peyton's agent: Broncos need to make move soon

Almost a month has passed since Peyton Manning hoisted the Lombardi trophy and told the world he planned to hug his family and imbibe while deciding whether or not to ride into retirement. Surely by now enough beer has been drank. Still we've heard no decision from the quarterback on his future.

Manning's $19 million base salary for 2016 will become guaranteed at 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday, according to NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport.

Manning's agent, Tom Condon, told Dan Sileo of XEPRS-AM in San Diego on Friday the quarterback is aware the Denver Broncos will have to make a decision by Tuesday.

"There's a time when the contract becomes guaranteed, so they'll just have to make a move before then," Condon said, via Pro Football Talk. "He's completely aware of the guarantee obligation from the club on a date certain, and he knows that there has to be some accommodation prior to that."

If Manning doesn't retire before then, the Broncos will be forced to cut the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

"I couldn't answer that accurately," Condon said of whether Manning will retire. "I know better than to ask him. I understand that when he makes up his mind as to what he wants to do, he's gonna let me know. But as of now, he wanted to take his time and be patient with the decision and make sure that he is sure. ... Let's face it, he loves it. He loves being the locker room, he loves working out and of course the interaction with his teammates, and he loves the game."

Condon also wouldn't hint as to whether Manning would like to play for another team, if he didn't retire.

"I couldn't say," Condon said. "Obviously anybody who's going to make a move or is contemplating making a move like that is taking into consideration all the different football factors, and of course as meticulous in his preparation as he is about virtually everything you'd have to assume that he's considering all of the football factors and I'd guess less about the business."

Retirement or not, a decision is coming. Soon.

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