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Peyton Manning 'surprised' he was on injury report

After an offseason of inquiry into Peyton Manning's health and future in Denver, the old gunslinger did nothing to prove the doubters wrong Sunday. Manning threw for 175 yards, one duck of an interception and zero touchdowns in the Broncos' 19-13 win over the Ravens.

To add injury to insult, Manning was listed on the Broncos' injury report Monday as a full participant with a back injury, fueling suspicion that the veteran is struggling with a lingering issue.

With the Broncos' Thursday night showdown with the division-rival Chiefs just two days away, Manning told the media Tuesday that his appearance on the injury report was a shock to him as well.

"I was kind of surprised I was on it to tell you the truth," he said. "I think like a lot of guys, it's a pretty physical game on Sunday, so in many ways maybe I'm honored."

Earlier, Manning turned on the media for their incessant prodding.

"You know what my thoughts are on the injury report," Manning continued. "I think the media should have to do an injury report as well, all of you guys. I'd like to create it myself."

The poor Denver sports media was then taken to task by the seasoned football -- and comedy -- veteran, who called them "not a healthy group by any means" and diagnosed a few of their injuries, including carpal tunnel, laryngitis and even bunions. Bunions!

As for this Around The NFL writer, he is suffering from chronic fatigue from the "Is this the end of Peyton?" storyline, and unfortunately is listed as doubtful to recover anytime soon.

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