Peyton Manning reaches out to cancer-stricken fan

Here's a reminder that Peyton Manning is more than a 39-year-old quarterback attempting to return to form under a new head coach.

Manning received a letter this summer from Kari Bollig, an Indiana native who's battling Stage 4 cancer. Her prognosis is not good, so Bollig decided to write a collection of letters to people who have been important to her in her life. She'd never met Manning, but still wanted to reach out to her favorite player.

"I have followed Peyton Manning forever, especially being an Indiana girl," Bollig said, according to a friend's account in The Indianapolis Star. "I just thought, 'Well shoot. I'm going to write him a letter and tell him how much he inspires me, not just because he's a football player, but for what he does off the field.'"

Manning played his first 14 seasons with the Colts before signing with the Broncos in 2012. He remains active with charity work in the Indianapolis area.

"It was very personal," she continued. "It was very heartfelt and I never thought anything of it other than I wrote it and sent it. I didn't even know he would get it."

Manning did get it, and he reached out to Bollig after reading the letter. The two spoke over the phone and Manning invited Bollig, along with her husband and nephew, for a two-day visit to Broncos headquarters. They also got sideline passes to Sunday's opener against the Ravens.

"It was real easy and laid back, not at all nerve-wracking," Bollig said of meeting Manning. "He's welcoming. He's like a gentle giant. It was such a personal moment. It was a once in a lifetime thing."

Good job, Sheriff.

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