Peyton Manning earns $2M bonus for winning SB50

About that offseason paycut for Peyton Manning...

The $4 million reduction in pay for the 2015 season was a much-discussed storyline last offseason. In the end, Manning didn't end up losing a dollar.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported that with the win in Super Bowl 50 and playing 70 percent of the snaps, Manning earned a $2 million bonus off his contract. Coupled with the $2 million he earned for the AFC Championship win, that puts his season salary at $19 million, exactly what it would've been before his pay cut.

$2 million can buy you quite a few after-Super Bowl beers.

Not that he needs the money, but it must be nice to get a $2 million win -- something I (and I assume you, as well) will never experience.

2016 is officially the final year of the five-year contract Manning signed in 2012. He's due $19 million, but the expectation is that the 39-year-old quarterback will retire.

Hoisting a Lombardi Trophy and pocketing $2 million is a nice way to meander off into the sunset.

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