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Peyton Manning autographs couple's wedding invite

As someone who recently got married, I would not suggest you send wedding invitations to famous strangers.

While it's a funny story to tell friends, invitations are expensive, and they shouldn't be sent around the world all willy-nilly. Besides, you always can tell friends you invited Kanye to your wedding. Trust there won't be much in the way of fact checking on that one.

All that said, if you're OK with sending 10 bucks into the ether, take heed in the fact that a response is possible. Case in point: This RSVP posted Tuesday on Reddit, in which Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning regretfully declines a wedding invitation from Anna and James.

That's genuinely awesome, and living room frame-worthy. I take it all back. Send all your invitations to famous people.

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